Why should you have a marketing department in your business?

The marketing department in a company is responsible for the development of various sales strategies that help to position yourself in a profitable place in the market, increasing sales and profits, optimizing resources, and making customers become loyal to a specific product or service . 


A marketing department helps you to give value to a product or service.


They say that there is nothing new under the sun, this referring to the fact that almost everything is already invented, and the ventures are usually creations made from other business ideas. 


That is, when you create, for example, a shoe company, there are already thousands of them in the world! But the difference lies in a particular point of your product, be it in the style, the quality of the materials, the designs. , the cost of the colors and, of course, you must make this advantage known with the marketing. 


Using this strategy will undoubtedly help you put yourself first in front of your competition and become the favorite of the public. 


Situate yourself in one of the most touristic places in Mexico, for example, the beaches of the Riviera Maya. How many hotels can there be? Well, a beach hotel in Todos Santos has managed to stand out above all the others, thanks to the fact that it has a marketing department that helps it to locate specific advertising strategies throughout the year. 


What else can a marketing department handle?


This department will help you innovate by planning new presentations of your products, in addition, it investigates and collects information that generates value, gathering data that influences consumer behavior, which is truly important if the majority of your customers arrive through the internet. 


In addition, the members of the marketing department are usually experts in teamwork, so you can even ask them for certain extra tasks, such as taking charge of the social committee, and, of course, organizing all kinds of events, such as participation in fairs, conferences, business conferences, etc. 


As a curious fact, every company can have a marketing department, from a clinic that performs Weight Loss Surgery Tijuana, to a restaurant chain, a hardware store, an accounting company, insurance and even a startup that is starting, in in which case, you can hire the services of a marketing company to advise you when you need it. 


You can have at your fingertips market research both yours and the competition, sales promotion, planning and development of marketing strategies, and, in addition, total collaboration in the process of launching new lines and special offers, so that your customers can fidelice quickly and effectively. 


Remember that the effective sales of a company reside more in this last detail, because that clients come spontaneously, to buy from you from time to time and never return is not your objective. The real objective is that they trust and buy your products or services throughout the year and without a doubt a marketing department will help you.