Why Fleet Managers Invest in a Case Mini Excavator Above All Other Brands

Before we explore this topic, let’s first start with a basic question: what is a mini excavator, and what are they used for? A mini excavator is a wheeled or tracked vehicle that plays multiple roles in construction. They come in a number of sizes and can weigh up to 20,000 pounds which is the weight limit cutoff point for a piece of construction equipment to be considered compact. Fleet managers always scramble to find the best mini excavators because they are so versatile with a variety of uses for multiple construction jobs.  But of all the available brands why do fleet managers want to invest in a Case mini excavator to complete their arsenal? This article will explain why.

A Case Mini Excavator Comes from a Legacy of Innovation

Would you rather invest in something critical to growing your business that was made by a company that copied another company’s design that actually invested the item, or buy one directly from the pioneering brand that invented it in the first place? Of course we want to go straight to the source and invest in superior quality, so fleet managers will explore the Case mini excavator at the nearest dealership. In the mid 40s Case stood up to a challenge made by a water utility in Massachusetts that needed a single machine to perform the tasks of three separate ones. As a result of this need, Case invented the world’s first backhoe–a major innovation in the world of construction machinery. 

When You Need a Case Mini Excavator, a Dealership is Always Close

Another reason why fleet managers pounce at the opportunity to invest in a Case mini excavator is that there is always a dealership near their headquarters or worksite. When you have a Case mini excavator and it requires maintenance or a repair, you can get to the dealership quickly and conveniently, and this means your machine will be back on the worksite quickly with no to little down time. In fact, Sonsray Machinery is one of many Case dealers, and they have the largest presence on the west coast with locations all over Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. 

A Case Mini Excavator Comes with the Best techs in the Industry

Whether you buy a new Case mini excavator, or a used model, you will benefit from having the best technicians in the industry repairing and maintaining your equipment. Case personally trains a carefully chosen group of techs to learn solely on Case equipment, and they must pass a grueling written and hands-on test to obtain the title of Master Technician. And only Master Technicians are allowed to service a Case mini excavator. In addition to having Case construction dealerships nearby, you also get speedy access to Master technicians who will help you lengthen the lifetime value of your Case mini excavator.