The Technology At the Service Of Women

Today being a woman in Mexico has its advantages compared to a few years ago. For example, the life expectancy of the female population has increased dramatically from 34 years in 1930 to more than 77 in 2015. However, there are new challenges to be faced. Such is the case of the increase in diseases such as breast cancer, the dangers in social networks or even the imbalance between assuming work and personal responsibilities for the current working woman. Every time humans become more and more technological, but that does not make us forget our most primal instincts like worrying about our physical and wanting to have beautiful teeth and wanting to go to one of the dentists in Tijuana.

On the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s who believes that a healthy digital life can help more women to have greater well-being and, therefore, have access to more tools to overcome the challenges that come their way. To do this, we propose some recommendations on how technology can transform your day to day:

Improve your physical condition:
Today more than ever, it is essential to practice exercise, as the city lifestyle is increasingly sedentary. Choose a sport that you really like so that it is easier for you to do it, and boost its benefits by tracking your progress with the help of applications on your cell phone. You can synchronize these apps with wearable (portable) equipment such as watches or bracelets, available at online sports stores. Knowing your heart rate, calories consumed, distance traveled, among other data to wherever you go, can make a difference to improve your training or avoid excessive wear of your body.

Simplify everyday tasks:
With more than 100 million inhabitants, in Mexico there are high levels of population density, traffic, long lines and waiting times, which leads many people to have a high degree of anxiety and stress. This, added to other factors, can turn into short and long term ailments. For example, if you have little time and you need to make the super in less than two hours, buy medicines, pay the electricity bill, or send a last-minute gift, do not push yourself and perform these tasks with a few clicks or touches without having to move and lose time. There is a wide range of eCommerce in the country, with which you can delegate much of these tasks and earn a better quality of life.

Protect your identity online:
Do you share your location on social networks? Do you open emails of dubious origin or accept friend requests from strangers? More than just carelessness, this type of action can expose you to physical aggressions, theft, or harassment, not only for you, but also for your friends and family. Pay attention to what you post online. Above all, avoid sharing personal and financial data, even if you make a transaction or purchase. Nowadays, taking care of your network security is as important as doing it on the street. For this, use payment platforms that maintain the confidentiality of your data, such as PayPal, browse sites with security locks, and place different passwords for mail, social network, among others.

Take care of your financial health:
As a consumer, you can make intelligent use of your resources, look for promotions and even take advantage of months without interest if you are buying a long-lasting item. Likewise, you can improve your economy and that of your family through digital entrepreneurship, with which you can reach potential customers all over the world and at any time.

Never stop learning:
The current woman assumes increasing roles of responsibility inside and outside the home. This requires constant training, either in technical and professional matters, or in emotional and personal intelligence aspects. Take advantage of any free time to learn through courses, diplomas and even online careers, or take a moment to immerse yourself in a specialized reading. You can use audiobooks, magazines, digital or physical books. Cyberspace is your great ally to quickly access and locate these contents (and thus have time to rest as well). And, of course, do not forget to review the endless number of tutorials that exist on the web on topics as varied as accounting, crafts or healthy recipes.