The course that can be paid with cryptocoins

The importance of staying up to date in the digital and business world is extremely important and it may seem a bit overwhelming for dentists in Mexico but that is why València has been in charge of opening a digital marketing course, taught by professors with experience in companies such as Google, Ikea, Desigual or Decathlon, and one of the amazing things of this course is that will be the only one in Spain that will accept payments with four types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoins, Ether, Litecoins and Ripple which is awesome and it is  a step forward to the future.

The former director of the acceleration program of Plug and Play Spain, will pass in 2018 to the training sector in the newly created DM School, where the course will be taught to create one of the profiles most demanded by companies.

In fact, a greater number of companies than future students have already asked when the first edition ends, to hire those who take it, according to a statement from the entity itself, so this is an investment for you to have a better job and more experience.

It is a professional school that offers a deep understanding and advanced knowledge of the most used techniques of digital marketing, with real situations and projects to obtain experience while the students are being trained.

It is an eminently practical course that in its first edition in Valencia, as with only 25 seats, of which most are already covered.

The main profile of the course is one that wants to dedicate itself professionally to this sector and run campaigns, although it is also aimed at managers who want to have an overview of the new positions and skills required by their companies.

The master’s program will soon be expanded to Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where demand is growing exponentially.