Marketing wants to adopt automation and virtual reality

Much has been talked about if this year a couple of technologies that have been working on their development for a long time have already been put into practice and we are all eager to try the newest and more if it is to increase the success of our company.

One of these new techniques is that of automation, which is not only the common practices that all Dental tourism Mexico professionals carry out for some systems to work on their own, but now it is planned to cover a much more demanding level: of customer service.

We all already know the customer service through the use of chatbots, or robots that chat, since it has been a practice that is very much in use today because it is not only available for web pages but also many social networks already have this application Although sometimes it is not very well accepted by customers who are served by these systems because they feel they are not talking to someone real.

And the other most anticipated is virtual reality. Although commercial application seems distant, and some companies have made the leap to this type of technology as seeing how your house would be with a new piece of furniture through your cell phone without having to buy it, without a doubt this technology requires a lot of investment and is usually used by large companies, even with imagination, this tool has endless uses.

Although at this time is still a bit away from Online Marketing, virtual or augmented reality is sure to have much influence in the world of marketing. The world is updated and the barriers that prevent us from using new technologies are being broken, as happened with live broadcasts through video, the main problem is not having platforms for its dissemination. Already in live streaming has been fixed with YouTube, Facebook and Instagram updates.

So in the case of virtual reality, although its usefulness for marketing does not end up being real, some companies such as Google or Microsoft, which are some of those that rule the world of technology, have invested a lot in this new technology and they begin to develop elements that could, finally, give a new field for the diffusion of the contents.