Marketing and its fusion with data

One of the antidotes to so much uncertainty and change, of course, that is gaining more space in the discourse of marketing is that of data, that is, the analysis of the data that arise from the study of consumer behavior. It is in some way, a possibility to set directions based on the actions themselves and not on out-of-date recipes, because of this data a bariatric surgeon, for example, can know how many people have an excess of body fat that may be interested in gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana Mexico .

Today, in some cases you get up to 60% of online ticket purchases. Through the study of the previous consumption variables, we can predict with a reasonable approximation of what the performance of the premieres will be like in the halls.

The film industry is one of those that at the time was beaten by the irruption of several technologies that were disruptive at the time, from cable television to video, now passing through Netflix. However, they managed to find their appeal as a non-transferable experience of consumption and today the cinema continues to set audience records.

To be able to estimate the attendance of spectators to the cinema for the films that are going to come in the future. To be able to make communication decisions and our budget to be able to go out and find those audiences with the right message “Today there is an average online purchase share of 36%, and in some rooms, the digital channel exceeds 60%.

The fourth industrial revolution.
This is the mobile revolution, the fourth industrial revolution and it is characterized because it is changing the frontiers of how we communicate and how we can reach people.

The Internet is a little over 25 years old, and that can be a lot or a little depending on how you look at it. But, judging from the changes that occurred, what matters most is the intensity of the transformation, and everything seems to be literally in the palm since the main protagonist is the smart cell phone.

Smartphones already account for 55% of all mobile connections in Latin America, and globally there are already 5,700 million computers with which is approaching the equalization with the world population.

The truth is that today the manual of the marketer is written day by day, or rather, minute by minute, to the rhythm of technological change and relationship between the consumer and brands and the environment.