Living and Owning the Dream – Tour Silicon Valley Real Estate

If you are looking for the ideal place to open a business, you should consider working with Shane Minnis at MinnisCRE. He can show you properties through  Silicon Valley Office Space.  Silicon Valley is a very lovely area which is home to approximately 2,000 tech companies, the highest number in the world, most of which are at the top of the industry. Before you make a decision to move your company to Silicon Valley, though, let’s look at some facts.

Silicon Valley Real Estate- Location is Everything!

Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technology, is located in northern California. Although the region is not exactly defined, it is about an hour south of San Francisco and is near the middle of Santa Clara Valley. San Jose is actually at the center point. On its west are the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, and in the southeastern area, you will find the Coast Range Mountains. In addition, it is also surrounded by some other famous cities such as Sunnyvale, Cupertino, and Los Altos.

The weather is another positive draw to Silicon Valley. It is mostly sunny and dry, so even at the highest temperature (between 88-90 degrees), it is a quite comfortable place to live and do business.

The Benefits of Renting Office Space in Silicon Valley?

There are numerous reasons to rent or lease office space in Silicon Valley.

  • First, Silicon Valley is full of tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and eBay, just to name a few, which are leaders in the industry. The environment opens doors to collaborations or mentorships with the best in the business.
  • Another good reason is that there is significant legal support aimed to protect small businesses.
  • Also, there is a strong base of financing available since the area tends to be more expensive than surrounding cities which may influence your choice to rent or lease before you buy.
  • Additionally, the communities around Silicon Valley have some of the top universities in the country; therefore, you will have a great talent pool to recruit.

Touring available properties with MinnisCRE

But before you commit to a specific property, meet Shane Minnis – a tech-savvy, top real estate broker, and founder of MinnisCRE. Even with the current instability of face to face interactions due to COVID-19, Shane is able to take you on virtual tours of available property in Silicon Valley Real Estate.  He can show you the property in 3D or even as an “aerial” tour of properties now that he has attained his pilot’s license.

As a real estate professional, Shane is a great personal broker. His main goal and dedication are to help you find the perfect place for your business in Silicon Valley whether you want to rent, lease, or buy. He will work tirelessly to find the right site for you and your company.

If you have any questions about Silicon Valley Real Estate, check out the link Silicon Valley Office Space , then contact us to get started in taking the first step in following your dream and getting started with your new  business in California!