Legends Of Music And Film Give Important Marketing Lessons

When it comes to sales, almost everything can give us valuable lessons and the successes of music and film are no exception, to have great sales have planned great strategies that take care of even the smallest details even the cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana that actors need to look perfect. And is that the entertainment industry like any other group with business objectives needs a strategy and a leader capable of executing it to achieve goals.

Music and the return to the origins.
The Rolling Stones demonstrates that when a strategy is clear and one is able to adapt to the needs and tastes of the consumer, success is achieved.

But it is not the only successful step that the legendary English band has given. “Blue and Lonesome”, their last album, return to their first days as a blues band, and it is this return to the origins that makes them a good example of marketing.

This group is the best example that the theories that say that the life cycle of a product is short, are wrong. Organizations can learn a lot from rock bands because the world of music has been able to combine many talents beyond the musical and, in doing so, has generated enormous wealth and fortunes.

The career of actor Clint Eastwood can be an interesting case of how change, far from representing a threat, can turn into an opportunity. Eastwood, an erratic actor, who seemed not to have many records and who triumphed in the style ‘spaghetti western’, because he knew how to turn his career around and become a versatile professional. Today he is one of the best directors, producers, and actors in Hollywood and it is precisely thanks to the sense of freedom he has. Do what you want, control every moment of your career. Not in the controlling sense of the word, but almost as a moral value.