How can your Business Benefit from a Professional Translation Agency?

Have you taken a look at your operating costs and the numbers and data simply don’t support having an in-house team of translation experts? This is a common problem faced by many organizations, so understanding the value in outsourcing multilingual translators from a professional translation agency, and how to find the best provider to help you hit your growth goals and improve overall efficiency in operations is game-changing.

This article is intended to help companies see the value in partnering with a professional translation agency as a solution for a better bottom line.

A Professional Translation Agency Replaces internal Salaries Saving You Thousands

When you invest in a professional translation agency you can have multiple people on a team and pay the equivalent or in many cases significantly less than you would on internal salaries. A mid-size organization that needs multilingual translation services for desktop publishing, video subtitling, interpretation, audio transcripts and a number of other services generally requires a team of 12-15 people. These individuals range from project managers, quality control experts, technology specialists, certified translators, team leads and a number of other roles. And their salaries range from 55K to 250K or more. When you partner with a professional translation agency you get the same (or more) level of manpower, certified translation experts, and a greater ability for output and efficiency at a fraction of the cost.

Businesses are More Efficient with a Professional Translation Agency

Many organizations make the mistake of assuming that an internal team will be more efficient due to the fact that multilingual translation is performed in house. But this is a common misconception that feeds a number of pain points and problems companies face, and efficiency is one of the biggest challenges. When you streamline the number of cooks in the kitchen, teams are significantly more efficient. Additionally, a professional translation agency has all the latest tech tools that most internal budgets don’t have the budget for. In fact, technology alone can often add more value than humans because they eliminate room for human error, enhance communication between professional translation agency with their client through software integration that speaks to the target CRM, and aid in management and quality control. Often, a tech tool that companies lack can perform the roles of half a dozen people thus freeing up their time to internally float within other pockets of the business to add greater value and help their company hit its growth goals.

Professional Translation Agencies Recruit the Best People.Period.

Even if your HR department is run by a team of wizards, a professional translation agency will always get the best people in terms of certifications, native languages, communication skills, tech chops, and experience. When looking for a professional translation agency your company can work with, note these points and you will make a better investment.