How a Wall Mounted Phone Charging Station for Customers Improves Business Growth

If it isn’t already common sense, it should be: customers who stay engaged in a retail space buy more products. It’s simple: when people have more reasons to stay in a store, they are less conscious of their spending budgets and are more indulgent. Whether you have amazing air conditioning on a hot, muggy day or your store has a modern decor with energetic music that keeps customers browsing the shelves, there are a number of ways to improve the customer experience for business growth.

One of the most affordable ways to grow your business by keeping people in your store is to partner with a company that designs a wall mounted phone charging station ideal for your space and marketing needs. Not only do phone charging stations offer a great customer experience by allowing shoppers to charge their mobile devices, these phone charging stations also have digital interfaces that market your products to the consumer as they charge their phone.

This article will strive to help store managers and business owners understand how investing in a commercial phone charging station can help them hit their business growth goals.

Phone Charging Stations Increase Customer Dwell Time

The longer a customer stays in your store (dwell time) the more likely they are to increase their spending. Multiple studies surrounding consumer psychology reveal that keeping someone engaged in a retail space leads to significant spending increases. Commercial phone charging stations are ideal because, as we know, people live on their phones. If the battery is low or about to die, people panic because they feel naked and disconnected from life. By providing them with a place to charge their phones on the spot, you will increase the time they spend in your store, and nothing cures the boredom of waiting for a phone to charge like a little retail therapy!

Types of Commercial Phone Charging Stations

There are a number of commercial phone charging types that offer desired features based on the store and the experience you want to provide your customers with. Some phone charging stations are floor stand charging stations that come in standard, or with deluxe features. Then there are wall mounted charging stations that also come in a variety of types with multiple features. Charging tables are also popular options and are ideal if you also intend to have marketing technology on screens that collect valuable data on your customers, as they will likely engage any surveys if there is a workspace for them to utilize as they wait. Phone charging lockers are ideal for large shops and malls where shoppers can secure their phones in a locked environment as they shop.

Wall Mounted Phone Charging Stations Offer Tons of Benefits that Enable Growth

A wall mounted phone charging station may be ideal for your business, as they are more visible than floor stands and tables. They also have a screen that is positioned for easy viewing if you are shopping with your kids and they desire some entertainment. The wall mounted phone charging station takes up zero real estate on your floor, which is another reason why retailers love it. Contact a commercial phone charging station manufacturer today, and discover the right solution to help you grow your business through providing a great shopping experience.