Fashion Brands Lead Instagram

The creation of content is no longer solely in the hands of the agencies. The most popular profiles of social networks are becoming more prominent. Both for brands and their audiences. Especially in the fashion, beauty, as well as the bridal and bridesmaid dress in San Antonio which are at the top of Instagram thanks to influencers’ marketing.

Fashion and Beauty are the sectors with the most engagement in Instagram
Marketing experts are observing that users demand more and more transparent and authentic content. This makes them face a continuous challenge to remain relevant to their audiences.

To keep the public involved one of the best strategies is to mention other users. And this is precisely what fashion and beauty brands are doing in Instagram. The social network in which the most attractive are for its users.

The most important beauty brands name other users in 66% of their posts.

These industries know how relevant Instagram is in their content plan, and these types of actions are catapulting their results.

The power of the micro-influencers
We have already spoken on other occasions about the importance of influencers in other social networks. For example, the facilities that Facebook implements to work with influencers.

But how relevant have the influencers been? Is it necessary for your accounts to have more than 100,000 followers? Not now. A new species has been born: the micro-influencers.

Those people with less than 100,000 followers in their social networks, but who are influential in their respective sectors. And these new profiles are for fashion and beauty brands the most relevant: 75% of the mentions of beauty brands have as a recipient a micro-influencer.

Moreover, most of the profiles mentioned by fashion (37%) and beauty (43%) belong to accounts with less than 10,000 followers. This demonstrates the great presence they have in communication strategies of the brands and the power that is being granted to them in niche industries with specific audiences.

Mention influencers and give them credit for their content.
Because more than half of the audience’s responses to the content of fashion and beauty brands are due to posts that mention a user with less than 100,000 followers Users want real content and influencers marketing is the best strategy for brands in that sense. The influencers that generate more confidence in audiences than the traditional advertising of brands, and are becoming the new currency of transparency, directly affecting purchase decisions.

Forrester revealed that 37% of customers visit a brand’s website to search for products or services.

So far, marketers focus more on growing their communities. Now the challenge is to keep that audience engaged. They must generate content that connects with their followers and get their attention at each stage of the funnel.

Therefore, the association of brands with influencers is a great strategy to win over the audience thanks to the authenticity of the content. The recommendations of third parties, especially micro-influencers, is key to reaching new audiences. Also to maintain them.