5 Ways Product Packaging Companies Improve Retail Sales

Every brand shares a common goal: increase product sales. While most brands believe their products are superior to the competition’s, in reality they are all pretty similar. After all, multiple window cleaners pretty much offer the same results, and basic yellow mustard brands all seem to offer the same taste. Unless a customer is a brand-hound and is loyal to Nike or Heinz, most buyers admit to making purchasing decisions based on the product’s packaging and presentations. This is why brands invest with top product packaging printing companies for retail, and ensure the commercial packaging company meets all the requirements to help improve their sales. Here are five ways these organizations do just that.

1. Product Packaging Design is Simple and Direct

There is a big variance between an over-the-top design and an eye-catching one. Too many graphics cause conflict and internal competition for catching the eye, and too many colors cause chaos. The best product printing companies design packaging that offers a clean look while using messaging and graphics that don’t crowd the space yet delivers value to the buyer.

2. Consider Eco Friendly Packaging

Does it make sense for your organization to use eco friendly packaging? Unless you sell cans of motor oil or aerosol deodorant, you may want to consider going green with your retail packaging options. We live in an eco-centered world, and more customers are making purchasing choices that support environmental friendliness. When adding print to your packaging that lets people know it is manufactured with a nod to sustainability, sales will likely go us. But this doesn’t simply mean your folding cartons or rigid gift boxes are made from recycled materials, it also means green considerations went into logistics and shipping too!

3. Use Imagery that Speaks to Your Buyers

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And this is exactly what you want your product packaging to do: tell a story to your target buyers. Once you have identified your buyer persona and know what their common pains are and what types of solutions exist for them, use relevant images that speak directly to your customer’s needs as opposed to run-of-the-mill graphics that “seem to make sense”. Most buyers spend seconds scanning the shelves. Your graphics, colors, layout, design and even the font needs to make sense with the goal to convert aisle cruisers into buyers.

4. Seasonally Switch Up Your Product Packaging

Too many brands think that one package is good enough for the year, but the most successful organizations know better. Your packaging should reflect special events, seasons and holidays in order to enhance the shopping experience for buyers. If you are seeking a box design for bar snacks, consider creating a specific number of boxes for Super Bowl Sunday. If you need box designs for vacuum cleaners, consider some for spring time using spring cleaning as a seasonal queue. Get creative and create familiarity at the same time!

5. Tell Your Story

People love to buy things that inspire them. If your brand has a story that can be told in a sentence or two, include this messaging in the product packaging design with complimentary imagery. For example, Nike’s retail sales soared when they branded “Just Do It” on their products. If your organization can inspire buyers while telling your story there is great potential for connecting with customers and increasing sales. Give people a reason to feel motivated through your story, and with that comes trust that will translate into revenue growth.