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Wednesday Website of the Week:

Smurfs, Slice, St. Elmo's Fire. All products of the 1980's. If you are too, or just want to revisit that decade then let me introduce you to This blog mixes all sorts of "remember whens" from calculator watches, to Rubik's Cube, all your 80's memories are there. For added fun, hit the "random entry" button at the bottom of the screen to get to an unexpected blog entry faster than Doc Brown with a flux capacitor.



Wednesday Website of the Week:  DarkUFO

I am a huge LOST fan.  Really, a closeted obsessed fan.  And  LOST is coming to an end.  Soon.  While their is still time to obsess over every word and read into every glance Kate makes and try to solve the mystery of the smoke monster...I'll be heading to DarkUFO.  I have been visiting this great site for years now, studying every theory and generally over-thinking LOST.

The site is run by "Dark" and there are several good consistant contributors such as "E" who post episode recaps, theories, and more.  The best thing for me is the total lack of spoilers.  Althought Dark also runs a sister spoiler-based TV site, everthing posted to the main page is completely spoiler-free...including comments!  This is a huge accomplishment with a super popular show with tons of small and large spoilers lurking around every bend.  Spoilers aside, they just designed some nifty LOST tees, and have been having cool custom LOST-related  giveaways on the blog.

So be sure to check the site out, before the LOST fever winds down and I will have to turn my attentions to...Caprica??



Wednesday Website of the Week:

Best described as a youtube for text documents, scribd is an interesting mix of user-generated templates for Word, Excel, etc. along with an odd (and large) collection of text documents. Full books, corporate brochures / training materials. Much like Youtube, there's also a mix of leaked documents, and internal documents that may or may not belong to other copyright holders,. Whether you're looking for a holiday gift giving spreadsheet to stay organized, or a leaked memo from the bank bailout proceedings, you'll find everything in-between at scribd.


Wednesday Website of the Week:

This week's website of the week, can improve your 3G coverage, show you how to conceal credit card purchases, and show you how to get super glue off almost anything. The aptly named lifehacker gives a ton of tips every day from every part of life, especially tech, organization, and cooking. If you want to get more out of every day, check out


Wednesday Website of the Week:

I'm taking over the reigns of the WWW to bring you one of my favorite sites.  Called Regretsy, it is a very funny site mocking (the popular handmade goods site).  They find actual listings of goods on the web, mostly handmade, and, well, mock the heck out of them.  But the site is poking good-natured fun and even super-sensitive macgirl here finds it to be funny without being too mean. Some artists even end up selling items because of the regretsy mention- there's no such thing as bad press, after all.

Here's a great example of what you'll find on the site:


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