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Website of the Week: Tell Us Your Favorites

Yes, it's finally happened... Like that old broadband commercial, we have run out of internet. Or at least out of fun, quirky, useful, unique websites to share with you. So we will ask the TDL hive mind to help us out. Send us your favorite sites for WWW consideration, or mention them in the comments below. We will be setting our spambots to stun, just in case your link doesn't pan out.


Website of the Week: Virtual Apple II

Sure, you can get the Oregon Trail on your iPhone these days, but that just isn't the same as removing the computer dust cover (remember those?) on the Apple II and inserting the Oregon Trail floppy. Well, today's website can't help you re-create the floppy disk, or even find a dust cover, but it can bring the same kind of gameplay, right to your browser. Virtual Apple II uses a plugin, allowing you to fire up essentially an Apple II emulator right on your modern-day Mac. 

There's quite a collection of games including California Games, and Hardball: two favorites from my youth. Enjoy!


Website of the Week: Kitten War!

When is war the right option, you ask? Well we don't have all the answers here at TDL, but I know this much; a war to see which kitten is the cutest in the land is ok by the folks in this office. We bring you Kittenwar! No, it isn't useful or enlightening, and it won't save you any time. In fact, you'll probably lose a great deal of time as you vote for which of two kitties is the cutest. It's like hot or not for the feline set. Enjoy, but try to get some work done too!


Website of the Week: Educator's Reference Desk

I know, I know... The teachers out there are already tired of thinking of the busy school year ahead. But this week's website might make things a little easier. The Educator's Reference Desk, as the name implies, pulls together information on resources for educators across several disciplines. If you're stuck for a lesson plan, there are plenty to borrow from on the site.

Parents, especially those who are homeschooling their children, might also be interested in the information. For example, you can search for academic competition information, and get your child into things like the National Geography Bee. And I know first-hand that a Geography Bee win today, means you can be a tech blogger in the future!


Website of the Week: Einzstein Knowledge Network

Having the ability to take classes on just about any subject should make learning online quick and easy. Why then, do you have to go from site to site, trying to figure which courses are offered by any particular organization? Enter the Einztein Knowledge Network. The site brings together course offerings from around the world in a simple interface.

While some of the features are in a closed beta, you can still go to the site, browse by topic, or do a search. You can then filter by university. It's a great way to find educational content, especially content outside of the iTunesU universe.