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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

Yes, Thanksgiving (at least the one that occurs on the fourth Thursday in November) is an American holiday, we want to say Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of the world as well. Not to get all "We Are The World" on you, but maybe we should have a global day of Thanksgiving, so that we can all collectively celebrate together as humans.

But what do we know, we just review plastic gadgets.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Wednesday Website of the Week: Let's Talk Turkey

My fellow Americans, as we prepare for tomorrow's Thanksgiving holiday I know what many of you are thinking: How the heck do we prepare this turkey!? Well, don't say your government never does anything for you, because today we bring you the USDA turkey fact sheet. Whether it's how much meat to prepare for each person (who knew the government was figuring this out!?) or how long to cook that fully thawed bird, the fact sheet is here to help.

So as you prepare those basters, mix the filling, and decide what you're thankful for this year, don't forget to check those turkey facts. We'll leave you with this tip from the site:

Tuck wing tips under the shoulders of the bird for more even cooking. This is referred to as "akimbo."

Akimbo indeed. We'll be back on Friday, everyone!


Macgirl's Media Pick of the Week: Snoopy for Thanksgiving!!

Ok, I am going to recommend a really cutesy-cute media pick this week.  As a person who loves Peanuts and all that Charles Schultz touches, I have to mention the best Thanksgiving tale of all, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!  It is a short, and sweet, example of how the Peanuts gang would throw a real feast, including toast and popcorn for all. 

Look for the half hour special to air on a station near you this week.  If you miss it (or want to watch on your own timeframe) of course, it's available on iTunes for $9.99.  The iTunes download includes two bonus features, "Mayflower Voyagers" and "Play It Again, Charlie Brown". 

A childhood favorite that still gets me into the spirit, I'll be sure to share this one with the nieces and nephews!