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TDL Profile: Singer / Songwriter Lauren Zettler

Singer/Songwriter Lauren Zettler is a social media ninja. She uses twitter, facebook, myspace, and especially YouTube to connect to fans, and to get her music in front of new people. Lauren also uses Apple products throughout her DIY music operation. From keeping all those social media channels updated via her iPhone, to recording her tracks in Logic, Lauren is finding success without a big record label.

Her Two EPs and a holiday album are available through iTunes, which Lauren says is a great outlet for independent artists looking to reach a more mainstream audience.

I recently spoke Lauren about how she uses technology to craft her indie/folk/pop songs, and why we don't hear many songs about technology:



TDL Profile: Caprica's Alessandra Torresani

You've probably seen her on posters on seemingly every corner, and in every magazine. Heck, she's been on an ad on this site for the last few weeks. Right now, you may only know her as the girl holding the apple in those Caprica ads, but as the show officially kicks off on Syfy this Friday, Alessandra Torresani is about to join the ranks of famous sci-fi actresses. Torresani plays Zoe Graystone, the daughter of a wealthy inventor who tries to bring his daughter back after tragedy.

The series is set 58 years before the events in BSG, and as Alessandra explains it, is more about a family drama than epic space battle scenes. 

The Caprica pilot can be seen now on, or you can purchase an extended, more mature version on iTunes, as well as a season pass. Alessandra has her own site and twitter feed as well.

Alessandra talked to us about playing Zoe, and the role technology plays in her personal life:



TDL Profile: Anna Jane Grossman, Author of Obsolete

We all know that whatever is considered hot today, will be eclipsed by the next "big thing" tomorrow. What might not be as apparent is the rapid acceleration of new products to market, leaving last year's (or last week's) hot tech item in the dust, whether it was sufficient at its job or not.

In her latest book, Obsolete: An Encyclopedia of Once-Common Things Passing Us By, Anna Jane Grossman explores those items all around us (payphones, fax machines, etc.) that while still here, are for all intents, extinct. She also offers an exploration of widening technological gap from one generation to another.

We talked to Anna Jane recently about her book, the pace of change, and her phone of choice (hint: it's not an iPhone.)

Take a look:


Why the Knight Rider Remake Failed, and Geeky Goodness with Deanna Russo

You may have sat out NBC's attempt to re-imagine Knight Rider in 2008, and frankly you couldn't be blamed for doing so. Lead actress Deanna Russo (previously Dr. Logan Armstrong on The Young and Restless) had a front row seat to the attempt to bring KITT and friends back. In this TDL Profile, she tells us what it was like working on the show, why she's directing the online series "Real Life With Married People," and her love of J.J. Abrams. Oh, and of course we also asked the probing questions: Mac or PC, xBox or wii, and iPhone or BlackBerry.




TDL Profile: Tara Stiles: Online Yoga Guru

I don't know what percentage of our viewing audience does yoga, so the name Tara Stiles might not be familiar to you. But if it sounds vaguely familiar, it could be because she is also author of the most popular Huffington Post article ever, has a successful online web series, and models in her spare time. Vanity Fair calls her the "coolest yoga instructor ever," and we tend to agree.

Tara joined us to talk about her show, her problems with her iPhone, and some of her favorite apps. And if you want to try out yoga, or would like to find a cool gift for the yoga lover in your life, her DVD from Elle will be out the first week in January. Her book, Slim Calm Sexy is also on pre-order at Amazon.