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TDL Profile: Elyse Porterfield, or "Jenny" of dry erase board fame

For those who missed it, a quick recap on how the rest of us know the star of this week's TDL Profile. Last month, (could be NSFW) posted the story of a lovely young assistant who had enough of her sexist, lazy boss, and she quit, but not before sending an email out to all her co-workers with a series of dry erase messages aimed at her boss. The internet loved it, and it spread faster than you can say viral. Of course now, though, we all (well most of us) know it was fake.

Elyse Porterfield was hired for a one-day photoshoot portraying "Jenny," the girl who decided to tell her boss off on the way out the door. Today though, you never know when a brief flash of fame online will open the door to other opportunities. In our video interview, Elyse talks about what's happened in her life since the prank, and tells us her philosophy on social media and connecting with fans: