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Retro Tech Tuesday: Steve Ballmer Always Delivers!

Oh Steve Ballmer... has anyone brought so many laughs, intentional or otherwise, to the world of technology? We don't know the backstory on what you're about to see, but we will cut Ballmer a little bit of a break, and assume it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. With this guy though, you never know. Here's Ballmer giving you the hard sell (used car salesman style) on Windows 1.0


Ballmer at Keynote? One Possible Explanation

image: was fun while it lasted: Via Twitter, Microsoft says Ballmer will not be on stage at WWDC. Oh well, enjoy the speculation regradless:)

A rather strange rumor is making the rounds today. According to Global Equities Research, and reported by Boy Genius Report, Steve Ballmer will be in attendance at Steve Jobs' WWDC Keynote. They go so far as to say seven minutes have been blocked out for Ballmer to make an on-stage appearance. While Gizmodo is guessing  this is to promote the iPhone app development abilities of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, we're thinking there's something else going on here.

Could this be the rumored swap of bing for google as the default search engine on the iPhone? Heck maybe on the Mac itself. A partnership could even extend to maps for mobile devices.

Or let's take a stroll over to the world of crazy speculation: With J. Allard and Robbie Bach both leaving Microsoft, perhaps their decisions were partially influenced by some sort of impending gaming announcement between Apple and Microsoft. We throw that crazy one out there, just because in comparison the bing prediction looks pretty plausible.


Woz, It Was Fun While It Lasted

Tonight it was the end of the line for "Woz" on Dancing With The Stars. Despite a valiant fan effort to keep him alive last week, he just couldn't get enough votes to avoid tonight's tough double-elimination. Kudos Woz, for doing what you wanted to do, doing something outside of your comfort zone, and having a great time doing it, even through injury. While we're disappointed this means we won't have the Ballmer dance-off of our dreams, I think you inspired many people out there to go after something that they wouldn't normally try. Thanks again, Woz!


Dear ABC: Put Ballmer on Dancing With The Stars

An Open letter to ABC...

ABC, you've dazzled us with your selection of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak for this year's installment of Dancing With The Stars. Several injuries have plagued the dancers this year, and you never know when an injury might force someone out of the competition prematurely. It can be tough to have a competent, radiant performer waiting in the wings. 

I happen to know of such a performer, and his addition to the show would stir up a geek rivalry unlike no other. Please bring Steve Ballmer to the show.

You see, in his capacity at Microsoft, Mr. Ballmer is known to become, excitable and passionate, but he always does it with an unmatched grace, or at least a grace matched only by the operating system his company produces. I've found a demo reel of his classic performance:

It would be the can-do, optimistic spirit of "Woz", versus whatever that was you just watched. Just keep it in mind. I'm sure you'll do the right thing.

Thank You



Farewell, Bill

Today marks the end of Bill Gates' day to day involvement in Microsoft. You know, you really can't talk about the history of Apple, without talking about Bill Gates. I think it's fair to say, at least from all the clips we've ever seen, Gates is not "evil." Yes, there were policies and conduct by Microsoft through the years that many of us in the Apple world might consider evil, or even illegal. But at the end of the Gates has always seemed rational, and visionary in his own way.

Plus, there's something to be said for a CEO who amasses a large fortune, then uses it to do good. Let's be honest, the jury is still out on whether Steve Jobs will ever make a similar gesture. And just in case you think Gates' decision to use his money for good is a recent development, we offer the NBC clip below from 1992. It's an interesting time capsule, anyway you look at it. Gates talks about some new fangled thing called electronic mail, and how it could become the future, if only there would be enough desktop computers. If only, indeed.

So here's a hardy pat on the back to the man who piloted the most influential technology company of the last 20 years. And also a heartfelt thank you for allowing Steve Ballmer to take over at Microsoft. Nothing ensures our continued amusement, and Apple's continued success as having him at the helm.