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Wednesday Website of the Week:

It's Wednesday, and here at The Digital Lifestyle, that can only mean one thing (well, at least since we started doing this last week.)  It's time for the Wednesday Website of the Week. For the WWW this time around, we're climbing in a time machine. No flux capacitor needed as we're headed straight to the catalog pages of the 70's thanks to

If you were a child of the 70's, this is the site for you. From the 1976 G.I. Joe catalog, to user-submitted photos of awkward superhero mall appearances, all the toy fun of the decade is lovingly captured.

So open a new window, and head to the world that time forgot, but that will live on in wacky action figures for years to come:


This fall, the App Store goes from potential to promise

Yes friends, by October, we're predicting the end of four different flashlight apps, and the beginning of something far more advanced. Think word document editing, maybe iPhoto-esque photo editing, and licensed, cool games. Need proof? From Crunchgear: