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Star Trek Saturday Ends. Again.

To paraphrase Dr. McCoy, It's dead, Jim. Just a few weeks back, we were excited to resume our weekly look at the original Star Trek series with Star Trek Saturday. As luck would have it, just as we started to get back into the Starfleet Academy swing of things, fancast stopped making the episodes embeddable. CBS owns the rights to the show, and they are also not making it available for embedding at this time. We've sent a few emails, but we're not counting on a reversal on the embedding issues with the show anytime soon.

Anyone have a suggestion for a different sci-fi series of interest to the Apple community too?


Star Trek Saturday, Episode Nine - Dagger of the Mind

We return to Star Trek Saturday with Dagger of the Mind. For the first 40 minutes or so, I kept wondering why Spock doesn't just use the Vulcan mind meld to get to the bottom of this. And then it all makes sense. Perhaps I've said too much. Let the penal colony visit begin!


Star Trek Saturday Returns!

Get those phasers out in celebration: Star Trek Saturday is returning to TDL! For those who weren't around the first time, each Saturday we will post a full-length episode of the original Star Trek, then we'll all collectively watch it, and comment on it. It's a way for Apple and Star Trek fans of all levels of Trekdom to join together.

We'll be picking up right where we left off: Episode 9, so look for it posted early Saturday morning. And sorry international viewers, the stream of Star Trek is still limited to the U.S.


Star Trek Saturday Says Farewell

The first clue that something is up with Star Trek Saturday? Well, this post about it is going up late on Sunday. After a super-secret vote here at TDL HQ, we've decided to discontinue Star Trek Saturday. We'd hoped that it would be a good complement to our Apple coverage. While many of you were watching the episodes, very few were commenting. Considering that the episodes are available online elsewhere, we don't want to duplicate, and simply have the episode here as well.

Maybe if we rally enough fans to watch and comment, we can continue, or bring back Star Trek Saturday (hey, it worked for the actual show, right?) but for now, we say goodbye with episode ten - The Corbomite Maneuver. 

Live long, and prosper everyone!



Star Trek Saturday, Episode Nine - Dagger of the Mind

A new treatment for the criminally insane has deadly results!