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Retro Tech Tuesday: Radio Shack Cell Phone

And you thought bluetooth headsets were annoying! Here's a look at perhaps the most annoying guy at the golf course and restaurant in the 1980's: Yes, the guy with the "portable" phone from Radio Shack:


Retro Tech Tuesday: Apple's Blue Busters

Given the popularity of last week's retro post from the Oct. 1984 International Apple sales meeting, we decided to go back once more to youtube user jimhoyt for this week's retro clip. This week, on the heels of the popularity of Ghost Busters and the song of the same name, Apple thought it would be fun (internally, at least) to marry the hot song with their plans to take out IBM, otherwise known as Big Blue. Here then, we present, Blue Busters:


Retro Tech Tuesday: Apple Sales Time Capsule

According to the youtube poster (jimhoyt), this video was part of a presentation at an Apple sales  meeting in 1984. It's a fast-paced, rah, rah, look at the super-early years of the company. Sure today we take the Ken Burns effect for granted, but the sheer number of zooms and pans on stills must have really gotten the blood pumping in the summer of '84:


Retro Tech Tuesday: Apple IIe Promo Video

Last week, we shared a news segment evaluating the laserdisc format, compared to VHS. Coincidentally, this week we bring you a video from a laserdisc, showing off the nifty features and add-ons of the Apple IIe. Of special interest/amusement will be the size of the external hard drive. We won't ruin the surprise, except to say they excitedly mention you can store up to 2400 text pages on it! Get out those rainbow-colored logos kids, we're going to the 80's!


Retro Tech Tuesday: WGRZ-TV Kills The Laserdisc

Is this it? Is this the smoking gun revealing why laserdisc players never took off? We will let you be the judge, as this segment from WGRZ-TV in Buffalo shows why you might want to stick with your VCR. Granted it's the early 1990's, and they didn't want to talk solely about the Buffalo Bills then (or now, for that matter), but could the laserdisc have reigned supreme, at least until the "bag of hurt" known as blu-ray arrived?