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Retro Tech Tuesday: Laser Tag!

I'll admit it.. I've played a bit of laser tag through the years. To be honest, not nearly as much as I would've liked. Why? Well, normally when you play at an amusement park, etc. you dodge between cheap obstacles and try to shoot flat-footed opponents (usually strangers) before they know what happened. Nothing wrong with that, but it pales in comparison to the drama and action promised by those who sold home laser tag systems. Don't believe me? Take a look:


Website of the Week: Virtual Apple II

Sure, you can get the Oregon Trail on your iPhone these days, but that just isn't the same as removing the computer dust cover (remember those?) on the Apple II and inserting the Oregon Trail floppy. Well, today's website can't help you re-create the floppy disk, or even find a dust cover, but it can bring the same kind of gameplay, right to your browser. Virtual Apple II uses a plugin, allowing you to fire up essentially an Apple II emulator right on your modern-day Mac. 

There's quite a collection of games including California Games, and Hardball: two favorites from my youth. Enjoy!


Retro Tech Tuesday: A Different Kind of Tubes

Sure you probably know that before today's integrated circuits, many electronic devices, especially radios and TVs were made possible via "a series of tubes." Vacuum tubes, to be precise. What you might not know however, is since the tube was a part that periodically needed replaced, similar to a lightbulb, tube manufacturers appealed directly to consumers in touting their tubes as better than the competition:

Image: Triode Electronics

You can see more retro tube ads here.


Retro Tech Tuesday: Early Modem Still Works

Oh sure, you may have thought you were really something in the mid-90's when you made the leap to the 56k modem, but guess what? An elite few were enjoying computer-computer communication (albeit much slower) thirty years earlier. In this clip, Youtube user phreakmonkey manages to get a communications modem from 1964 operating today:


Retro Tech Tuesday: A TV: With Remote!

Imagine being able to change channels on your television, from the couch! Ok, ok, a few generations have been able to enjoy this breakthrough. But today we take you back to the 1960's, in which one manufacturer managed to create an early wireless remote. It is noteworthy as remotes for many TVs were tethered for years afterwards.

It's also interesting that beyond basic channel changing, you could also make several picture adjustments from your favorite Barcalounger: