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Retro Tech Tuesday: Back for more: 1983 CES

People really enjoyed last week's peek into the world of the 1987 Summer CES, so this week we head to Las Vegas, circa 1983. Probably the most interesting thing in this news clip is the manner in which the show is framed against a sluggish economy, high unemployment, and a slowdown in housing and the financial industries, while electronics sales are soaring. Sound familiar?


Retro Tech Tuesday: 1987 Summer CES

You are in for a real treat today. Usually our RTT finds highlight one memorable(or sometimes forgettable) piece of technology. Well thanks to the miracle of YouTube, today we're headed to the 1987 Summer CES. Yes, there was not just one, but two CES shows back in the day.

So sit back, relax and enjoy as Art Vuolo takes us through a bevy of ridiculously large gadgets, and equally ridiculous fashions. My favorite part? The Sony rep trumpeting that his remote has "no less than 63 buttons!"




Retro Tech Tuesday: Apple IIc

It's been awhile since Apple (or any other tech company, for that matter) has really used the power of their computers as stand-out selling point. Today we go back to where it all began. You may think your MacBook Pro is powerful, but have you ever controlled a 50-story building with it? You really should pick up an Apple IIc if you need that kind of power, at least according to this commercial:


Retro Tech Tuesday: ColecoVision!

As noted by someone last week, this really could be called Retro Tech Commercial Tuesday, and I couldn't agree more. There's just something about the unbridled joy/excitement of these ads that the slick/hip/cool ads for today's systems just can't touch. Case in point: This ad for some "upcoming" ColecoVision games. I think it would be fair to call it the GameCube of its time, as the ColecoVision was always a distant third to the Atari and Intellivision in terms of sales. Original ColecoVisioners, we salute you:


And a bonus ad: (Just for the record, precious few seconds of this one are actual gameplay.)


Retro Tech Tuesday: Sony 8mm Handycam

My first videocamera was a Sony Hi-8 Handycam, so this ad for the original 8mm handycam has a special place in my heart. With that said, I have to say I'm a little disturbed by some of the scenes, and voyeuristic undertones to the ad. If a hand popping out of a sack to film Santa with a child, then I guess in 1986, this was the camera for you: