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Retro Tech Tuesday: What's In a Number?

"Because it's a 64, it's very powerful."


Retro Tech Tuesday: Steve Ballmer Always Delivers!

Oh Steve Ballmer... has anyone brought so many laughs, intentional or otherwise, to the world of technology? We don't know the backstory on what you're about to see, but we will cut Ballmer a little bit of a break, and assume it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. With this guy though, you never know. Here's Ballmer giving you the hard sell (used car salesman style) on Windows 1.0


Retro Tech Tuesday: Blue Cheer

This week's retro tech is more retro chemistry than technology, although I suppose it took some wild technology to make the "magic blue crystals" in this ad. Meet Blue Cheer, a laundry detergent from the 50's. "So what, it's Cheer, what 's the big deal?" No, no my friend this is Blue Cheer: use it on your laundry, AND your dishes:


Retro Tech Tuesday: 1930 predictions for 2000 fashion tech

Imagine living in a world in which the year 2000 is 70 years away. Think of all the wonderous things that future would hold. And huzzah, how would the worlds of technology and fashion combine? This newsreel answers that question. 



Retro Tech Tuesday: Fight fires with faxes!

The fax machine. Much maligned, and yet a crucial tool for business through the 90's that still won't quite go away. But did you know fax machines also fight fires? It's true, at least if this late 80's commercial is to be believed. While an interesting premise to sell fax machines, I think they are being a bit generous with how long it took (and continues to take) to get a two-page fax. I'm pretty sure the building would be burned to the ground before out tech-forward firefighters made it there. Especially if there was a cover page.