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Retro Tech Tuesday: Minolta 16-Ps 16mm Still Camera

Let's turn back the tech clock once again. Today we're going back to 1964. Japan's Minolta was heavily involved with the submini format of film still cameras, when they came up with the 16-Ps. It's fascinating to think 45 years later, most digital cameras still aren't this small. (Granted, they probably have higher resolution than these early cameras. Using readily available 16mm non-sprocketed film, the format grabbed hold for awhile. It was enough to send any would-be spy's heart aflutter. True it wasn't a James Bond watch-embedded phone, but it was a tiny camera, at a tiny price (this one says $6.75, roughly $60 in today's dollars).

This one still has film in it, although I doubt there's any chance it could be developed. Imagine, in 45 years someone will say, "I found a digital camera with a flash card in it. I doubt there's any chance I can find a reader...


Turn Back The Clock: Magnetic Poetry At Apple Retail Stores

It was a simpler time.. Back in 2002/2003, (holiday season, I believe) the Apple store did something that might come as a surprise: They gave something away for free. (Technically, it was intended to be given with a purchase, but that was not always the case). Yes, it was magnetic poetry. Not just any magnetic poetry, mind you. It was Apple-themed magnetic poetry, surrounded by a design by Rex Ray. With the poetry removed, the resulting frame could also be used to hold a picture on the fridge at home.

Yes, what better way to welcome a new user to the Apple world, than to stuff something magnetic in the bag next to the hard drive. (No problems reported.)

It's interesting to look at the words chosen by Apple, as to what was important at that time. Notice the lack of "iTunes," and of course this was years before words/phrases like "iPhone," and "App Store" would enter the vocabulary. It's doubtful "iSync" will ever have this high of a profile with the company again, not to mention "Jaguar."

So what do you say Apple? How about bringing back the magnetic poetry for the next holiday season with all new apple buzzwords: "iTab," perhaps, or "iPad?" Maybe "Verizon," or "Blu-Ray"?


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