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Retro Tech Tuesday: Streaming video circa 2010

(c)TheDigitalLifestyle.tvThe constant pace of technology is quickening. Need proof? Today's retro tech goes all the way back to the early days of 2010. Gather round young folks for a story of a bygone time. A time when streaming Netflix video to your Nintendo Wii and/or PS3 meant inserting a disc into the system first. Granted this was pretty much merely a provision caused by the exclusivity of streaming to the XBox without a disc, but still, it's an interesting mile marker into how far Netflix has come. Today it streams directly to the Apple TV, dozens of set-top boxes, and even TV themselves. My how time flies.


PS3 Streaming Disc Arrives. Quick Review: As Advertised

Our Netflix PS3 streaming disc just arrived. The process is fairly straightforward as you insert the disc, then login to netflix, and enter a verification code from the tv screen into an activation screen on the computer.

After that, your queued movies are presented, and you pick one to start watching. Unless it was just a funky tv issue, it seems not all the titles are in HD, as the tv would switch from 720p to 480p depending on the title. You can use the same scene by scene navigation as the netflix player on the mac/pc. Additionally, the resume playing feature remembers where you left off in a movie on other streaming devices as well. Not sure what happens if you take your disc to another ps3, but it seems the verification code is probably linked to the ps3, not the disc.

The movies generally look great, with just some pixelation if you're looking for it. It's a solid implementation, despite having to put the disc in for each use. But hey, if that's what it takes to get Netflix on more devices, then I'm all for it.


Root Access Visits The Video Game Expo (VGExpo)

Saturday Jamie and I checked out the VGExpo, or Video Game Expo in Philadelphia. Try as we might, we just couldn't find the Mac gaming section. We did get to see people dressed in some cool (and some not so cool) costumes, and we met some super-young Call of Duty players. Here's our take on the event, the state of gaming, etc.:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: