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New For 2010: The Untitled Wednesday Night Show with Cat

If you missed it live last night, you missed one of those landmark days in video history. Yes, there's the first broadcast demonstration of television at the 1939 World's Fair. Of course 1969 brought us the moonlanding. Last night though, was the first episode of The Untitled Wednesday Night Show. Ryan Ritchey and Catherine "The Cat" Tillson host this look at "the crossroads of pop culture and technology." And while the show still doesn't have a name, it already has a gimmick (bingo wheel!), and a random challenge. Watch as Ryan and Cat see whether the Blackberry or iPhone (along with their texting skills) is faster in sending a text message. There's also talk of blue alien lovemaking, and sanitary sandwich making. There's plenty more, but we won't spoil the fun: