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Retro Tech Tuesday: Pole Position Ad

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of the ad agency behind this 80's gem... Let's say you've just been tasked with creating a commercial for the home version of the era's most popular arcade racing game, Pole Position. What would that commercial look like?

If you said it would open with an annoying family, followed by an even more annoying announcer, followed by way too much road racing intercut with way too little actual game play, and then wrap it all up with some sort of bizarre post-apocalyptic scene, and more yelling from the announcer (along with a reference to "skid marks"), then you would've created something frightfully similar to this:



iPod Game Review Video: Pole Position Remix

When we were handing out assignments for iPod game reviews, I was thrilled to get Pole Position Remix. The thrill was gone almost instantly.

From a nearly impossible to maneuver car, to bad music, to a poor design choice in making the steering wheel (click wheel) also control acceleration, there's a lot of disappointment in this game. Yes, it's cool to see some of your album cover art show up on billboards throughout the game, but the only reason you see them is that the gameplay is dull.

Here's a look at the video review of Pole Position Remix for the iPod: