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Macgirl Media Pick of the Week:

This month I'm focusing on photography.  One resource site I really like, is 

This site is a great resource for photographers at all levels.  David H. Wells is a professional photographer with loads of insight and knowledge of the business to share with aspiring photographers, students, and other pros.  I've picked up nuggets of helpful info on his blog, and his student galleries include some stunning work. 




Website of the Week: Art Wolfe

This week, we bring you another great site for photography fans, specifically nature photo aficionados. First, if you're not familiar with Art Wolfe, he hosts Travels to the Edge, a public television show that takes the travel diary format, and adds the aspect of highlighting Wolfe's photos from the adventure you're watching unfold. The show is great for both the armchair traveler, and photographer's wishing they too could take these trips of a lifetime.

Additionally on Wolfe's website, you can view his portfolio, purchase stunning stock photography, or find out where you can catch a lecture from Mr. Wolfe himself. It's all at


TDL Profile: Photographer Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields has followed an improbable road to photography. He left Jacksonville, and headed to LA like so many others hoping to make a career in the entertainment industry. After working on music videos though, quite by chance, Tyler found his calling in photography. Today he mixes photos with "video portraits" to create intriguing and provocative glimpses at Hollywood's young stars as they're rarely seen.

I talked to Tyler about his approach to photography, why he ends up in so many of his own works, and his army of Macs making it all possible: