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Very Clever, Microsoft

Yes, it was just last week we were with the other tech sites, laughing at the new Microsoft ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. Ad #2 has come out (well, technically, it's 4 1/2 minutes on youtube) and we have to say, Microsoft, you're little scheme is working perfectly...

Imagine Microsoft had just put out a ho-hum ad to start the campaign. No one would've mentioned it. Instead, they start with a cryptic ad, leaving us all baffled at what, exactly was the point. The result? Plenty of buzz, albeit most of it was bad about the ad.

Now, with number two, again blogs (including this one) are commenting on the nuances and randomness of the ads. While the ads themselves seem to be based on the basic premise of Bill Gates doing things you wouldn't expect him to do - isn't that zany! - there really isn't anything here to sell computers. Yet. Breaking news: Microsoft has deep pockets, and surely there will be many, many ads in this campaign, but they are working in there initial objective: getting people to talk about the ads. They may very well be the Bartles & Jaymes ads of this decade. Of course, not many people are drinking Bartles & Jaymes these days. Hmm..


Microsoft, That's All You Got?

Remember all the talk about the Microsoft ads intended to combat the "Mac vs PC" ads? Well, the first one has shown up. And, well, here:


Why did Microsoft Pick Seinfeld? Because 1998 was when MSFT was last Relevant

Look out Apple! You're uncontested ribbing of Vista in all those "Mac and PC" ads is about to be challenged. Yes the sleeping Redmond dragon is waiting. And if you thought "The Mojave Experiment" made marketshare dip (it didn't), wait til you see what Jerry Seinfeld will do!

Yes, last relevant in the 90's, like Microsoft itself, Seinfeld is the new pitch man as part of a $300 million ad campaign. Ya know, Microsoft, for that much money you could probably hire away a few app engineeers, and actually fix Vista. But I digress. So look for Jerry Seinfeld (you may recall his character had a Mac in the show) to be hawking for MSFT soon, and their theme: "Windows not Walls." See, Microsoft is apparently about everything being open. Who knew?


E3 Megaton

One of the many things Microsoft announced today at E3 was a partnership to bring the entire Netflix catalog to the Xbox360. We thinks this is huge. As cool as Apple TV is, it's adoption has been rather slow. The reason for this is partially due to the fact that Apple TV doesn't do a whole lot other than stream media from iTunes, yet costs almost as much as a 360. Maybe it's time Apple rethought their strategy with Apple TV. If the money is in selling the content, how about partnering with Sony and building an iTunes Store on the PS3? Because the space under our HDTV is limited and we don't see much need for an Apple device right now.


TDL Live This week: (6/30)

After a week off, last night's edition of TDL was particularly ridiculous, but we managed to cover all the important Apple news and rumors too: