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Brenthaven Fusion MB III MacBook Pro Bag Review

The old saying "too much of a good thing" can often be applied to the world of laptop bags. There's an all-out war (okay, overly dramatic there) to create a bag with the most pockets and zippers and sleeves in which to forget where you placed things. Less really can be more in a laptop bag. So it's refreshing to see the Brenthaven Fusion MB III for the MacBook Pro has kept pocket inflation in check.

Granted the Brenthaven site says this bag has "pockets galore" most of those pockets are on a single organizational flap for items like an iPod/iPhone, pens, business cards, etc. In addition to a sensible and useful amount of pockets, the Fusion features an extra-padded bottom to protect the laptop, and the bag allows for fast access to your computer. Check present costs here:
Brenthaven Fusion MB III

At $79.95, it's a solid, no-nonsense bag for everyday use:


Whatever Happens Tomorrow, the Air's Days Are Numbered

Will the "brick" revolutionize laptop production? Will it dramatically lower prices? Will it simply be an incremental upgrade to existing MacBook line? Whatever we see tomorrow, one thing is increasingly clear: The MacBook Air's days are numbered.

That's not to say there's anything inherently wrong with the Air as we know it today. The fact is though, at some point, (perhaps even this week) the features, weight, and thinness of a full-fledged Apple laptop with DVD drive and full array of ports will rival the portability of the Air.

Apple has previously patented a system of folding ports, which would seem to address the issue of offering more peripheral functionality in a smaller space. And at a time when the 1.8" drive used in the iPod is being produced at up to 250GB, and the cost of solid state drives continues to fall, there's no reason a full-features MacBook can't be thinner than it is today.

The MacBook Air is a transitional product, It is able to fill a gap in the product lineup until technology catches up, and allows for far more computing versatility in a smaller space. It's demise might just be a lot sooner than any of us realize.


Video Interview: Ben Heckendorn, Creator of the Apple IIGS Laptop

Ben Heckendorn, a legendary game console modder, got the attention of the Apple community recently as he created a one-of-a-kind Apple II GS laptop. We have an exclusive interview with Ben... Enjoy!