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Concentration meets the Old West in Westbang

Normally when you think of the Old West, you probably think justice was dispensed by the mantra shoot first and ask questions later. In Westbang, quite the opposite is true, as you have to recall a series of rules and how they apply to gun-toting bad guys in a matter of seconds.

The game presents three doors to an 1800's era bank. As each door opens you have to decide if the person behind the door is a customer, or a bank robber. Things aren't quite that easy though, as each bad guy comes with rules of engagement. One for example, you should shoot as soon as you see him. For another, you have to wait until he draws his guns. Another takes even longer to draw his guns, meaning you have to keep an eye on the other two doors while waiting for the go-ahead to get rid of the first guy. Phew.

It's more complicated to explain than to play, and speaking of complicated, although there are three difficulty settings, you'll most likely find the easiest to be more than a little challenging.

Here's a look:

Westbang in the App Store.



Turbo Hockey for the iPhone App Review

It's a straightforward app review today: Turbo Hockey brings air hockey (and the Sportcraft name) to your iOS device. The game is as simple to play as the "real" version: simply pick the difficulty level of your computer opponent, and you're off. Additionally, a wireless two player mode makes playing another human fun, as does the single-screen two player option, although that is best left to the bigger screen of the iPad, rather than fighting someone for control of the puck on a 3.5 inch screen.

$1.99 might be a bit steep for such a basic game, but it still beats quarters/dollars into a physical air hockey table.

Here's a look:

Turbo Hockey in the App Store.


It's Monday. Time to Enter the Killing Zone

Looking back, I realized an entire week passed without a review of a game involving zombies. Considering zombies comprise roughly 65% of iOS games by my non-scientific observation, clearly this is an injustice. We aim to end it today with Killing Zone.

Killing Zone is a 2D shooter/stabber in which you move then use a left or right attack button to either knife or shoot at the zombie onslaught. The graphics and sound effects are solid, and the gameplay is interesting enough. It can be a bit frustrating when the action moves to the lower left corner, directly under your directional control, and some might find the rounds a bit too short, but overall we can say the zombies haven't won. Rest assured they will be back to fight again.

Here's a look:

Killing Zone in the App Store.


TripAdvisor Takes Advice on the Road with App

Did you ever have such a terrible experience at a hotel or restaurant that you wanted to let everyone know right away just how terrible the place is? (I know I have: Here's the full story) Or perhaps enjoyed such a tasty meal or fantastic service that you couldn't wait to share it with others? With TripAdvisor on your iPhone sharing or finding a great experience is a breeze.

With that said, obviously there's a limit to how wordy you might want to get in composing a review on the phone. And unfortunately, the app doesn't give you option of posting photos with your review. However as a fast and easy way to find reviews when you're in an unfamiliar city, TripAdvisor shines.

Here's a look:

TripAdvisor in the App Store.


Crazy Taxi isn't that crazy, and isn't the game you think it is

I can remember many a quarter spent playing a bit of Crazy Taxi in the arcade: drive. Pickup a customer, then floor it as fast as you could to their destination. I'm sorry to say the Crazy Taxi we're looking at today is not that game. In this Crazy Taxi, you hold down the accelerator, then jump when a series of cars approaches, or alternatively, you can try to move side to side. Good luck with that.

The graphics are passable, but the sound effects and lack of such extras as say, a visual when you approach a checkpoint, make this a taxi you can avoid. 

Here's a look:

Crazy Taxi in the App Store.