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Something unusual in the online Apple store

In lighter news, I was on the Apple store main page page today, and saw something I never thought I'd see from Apple. Ever. Right there at the top of the page is the iPhone "From $0." Sure, in last week's iPhone 4S event, it was briefly mentioned that AT&T would have the iPhone 3GS for "free" (with two-year contract) but I never thought we'd see the day where the $0 price point would appear on Apple's site.



With AT&T buying T-Mobile, only one question matters...

With the somewhat surprising weekend announcement that AT&T will buy T-Mobile for $39 billion in cash and stock, many, many questions are raised: What happens to those who unlock their iPhones to get on the T-Mobile network rather than AT&T? Will the government allow a single GSM provider for the entire country? Does this speed the way for a 4G-enabled iPhone?

All valid questions, but I think the most important question is... What's to become of the T-Mobile girl from all those ads against AT&T and the iPhone!? We're working our sources...



Book Review: Create Great iPhone iPhotos

Yes it's great that the iPhone gives you a decent still camera in your pocket. And sure, the seemingly endless array of photo apps makes the possibilities limitless. However, humans tend to do better at tasks that are littered with limitless possibilities. Allan Hoffman's book:Create Great iPhone Photos: Apps, Tips, Tricks, and Effects "Create Great iPhone iPhotos" brings the breadth of iPhone photo options down to a manageable scale.

The first chapter reads like the manual Apple would supply for the iPhone camera if Apple still made manuals. It is a sensible, thorough overview of the camera capabilities (and limits) of the iPhone camera and the Apple-supplied Camera app.

The bulk of the book goes on to serve as sort of a series of mini-manuals for some of the most popular iPhone photo apps. Unfortunately, a few of the apps are already gone from the store. Such is life lived at app speed. These chapters serve as a great way to discover app you may not have already been familiar with, and to eliminate some of the trial and error of purchasing photo apps only to be disappointed.

There's a highly enjoyable (and unfortunately, quite short) section of interviews with some of the most successful iPhone photographers.

The focus on apps really sets this books apart, and can bring you newfound joy to using your iPhone camera, whether you're just getting started, or consider yourself an old pro.




The iPhone. On Verizon

It's been a long time coming to be able to say those words, and not have to put "rumored" in there somewhere. At today's special event (at Lincoln Center in NYC, no less) Verizon (and Apple) made it official: the iPhone is coming to Verizon.

Which iPhone? Well the same iPhone 4 you already know and love, simply configured to run on Verizon's network. And pricing? The phone will start at $199.99 just like AT&T, but Verizon is keeping tight-lipped on the data plans, saying only that those prices will be announced "at a later date."

Now that's it's official, you'll be able to line up at Verizon (will there be lines?) beginning February 10. Existing Verizon customers will have first dibs at the early shipping phones.

What do you think? Was the lack of iPhone availability on Verizon keeping you from getting on the iPhone bandwagon?



My Completely Unsubstantiated Theory on the Verizon iPad

Yesterday, the biggest news story in the Apple blogosphere was the somewhat quizzical announcement that the iPad would soon be available from Verizon. It is an interesting announcement for a few reasons. First, it's not a Verizon iPad per say, but rather the standard wifi-enabled iPad, bundled with a discounted Verizon mifi personal wifi plan.

Why would Verizon start selling a quasi-carrier iPad? Why not wait for a cell version that would work directly with Verizon's network? My unsubstantiated theory: Apple is allowing Verizon to carry the iPad to make up for an unannounced delay in bringing the iPhone to Verizon. Many analysts has pegged the Verizon iPhone to a January announcement/availability, but then we heard it might be March until the Verizon iPhone is available.

To keep Verizon excited about the iPhone, perhaps Apple offered up the iPad early allowing them to meet a portion of internal revenue goals that may have been based on the assumption of January phone availability.

Of course there's always the possibility Apple is simply looking to move the iPad into as many channels as possible before other tablets have a chance to take hold, but that's not much fun at all, is it?

What do you make of the "Verizon" iPad?