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Book Review: Teach Yourself Visually: iPad 2

Writing a book about the iPad 2 can be a tricky task. After all, your audience might be someone brand new to computing, someone who's spent ten years in the Apple ecosystem already, or maybe a hacker looking to make the device do a thousand things Apple never intended.

With Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad 2, author Lonzell Watson has created a book aimed at a tightly defined portion of that potential audience. While the full-color visual style is particularly useful to new users, extended sections on email setup, and explanations of different wireless connectivity options will appeal to the user who has a grasp on basic computer concepts, but also wants to use the iPad 2 to the fullest extent.

Unfortunately part of the problem of writing a book about a something in the technology world is some information becomes outdated: Chapter five is devoted to explaining how to sync your iPad 2 to the computer, while Chapter nine goes into detail on the soon-to-be-discontinued MobileMe.

Still by breaking most iPad 2 activities down to 3-5 steps with simple visual explanations, and tons of screenshots,  Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPad 2 is a great companion for the casual, but competent iPad owner.


The iPad 2 Era Begins

Apple (and maybe more importantly, Steve Jobs) just wrapped up today's special event launching the iPad 2, and a few more surprises along the way. Here's the quick recap:

The iPad 2

As expected, front and rear cameras, with both photo and video capability. The "brain" of the iPad has been upgraded with the Apple-designed A5 chip, bringing up to two times the CPU performance, and up to nine times the graphics performance, according to Apple. The device is also 33% thinner, so that should quiet all those who say "I'd get an iPad, but it's just too thick!" Oh, wait. All joking aside, it is also .2 pounds lighter, which could make a difference for those using the iPad as a book reader. The iPad 2 will be available in black and white "from day one," with models for both AT&T and Verizon's 3G services. Prices will start at the same $499 as the current model, and go on sale March 11th.

Other announcements:

For better or worse, a really cool version of GarageBand for the iPad will allow just about anyone to make music, anywhere.

iMovie has been greatly enhanced for use on the iPad 2.

New Smart Covers cover the screen of the iPad, and act as a stand. They are available in ten different colors, and two different materials, starting at $39.

Random House will be joining the iBookstore party, brining 17,000 titles to Apple's service.

Apple now has over 200 million credit card accounts on file. According to Jobs, that may be more than anyone else on the internet. (I think some hackers' ears just perked up.)

A major milestone as Apple announced 100 million iPhones have shipped. That's a huge, huge number.

 Over 65,000 apps now available for the iPad. And for the record, yes we will get around to reviewing them here at TDL.


All in all, a solid product announcement from Apple. This takes away many, if not all of the criticisms of the original iPad, many of which didn't seem to matter to consumers anyhow.