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TDL Profile: Photographer Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields has followed an improbable road to photography. He left Jacksonville, and headed to LA like so many others hoping to make a career in the entertainment industry. After working on music videos though, quite by chance, Tyler found his calling in photography. Today he mixes photos with "video portraits" to create intriguing and provocative glimpses at Hollywood's young stars as they're rarely seen.

I talked to Tyler about his approach to photography, why he ends up in so many of his own works, and his army of Macs making it all possible:



The Digital Divide Among Hollywood Stars

Sure we've heard about the serious concerns of a digital divide between those in rural parts of the country, and those with easy access to broadband internet. But let's take a moment to look at a more superficial but nonetheless interesting digital divide: Hollywood's social (media) butterflies and the digital wallflowers.

Take for example, geek favorite Natalie Portman. Portman's online presence consists solely of the websites for the movies in which she appears. No twitter, no facebook, no youtube channel. Contrast that with Zachary Quinto, Spock from the Star Trek film reboot. Quinto has a facebook page, twitter account, website, and even a youtube channel of short films he and a few old friends produce.

Yes, it can be argued that Natalie Portman doesn't "need" to be online. She's done quite well for herself, and will continue to do so. (That said, she really should consider doing a TDL Profile). Then again, at this point, Quinto doesn't need to do it either, yet he does. He won't be getting a gig he would've otherwise been passed over for because he maintains a twitter feed.

Just as doing interviews in teen magazines, or appearing in entertainment magazines was once a must-do, and simply part of being a celebrity, today, and in the future interacting directly with fans will not only be useful to upstart actors, but a must for those who want to stay in the public eye and land lucrative roles.

Of course, with that said, twitter all-star Ashton Kutcher isn't quite getting the juiciest roles around right now.