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Happy Holidays, Everyone

I know, I know... the un-written rule of the online world is that there's never a day off for an online publication. Well, we're going a bit old-school, and closing down our little content factory until 2012. So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, and most of all, thank you for making it another great year here at TDL. Also, look for a post early next year to talk about some changes and plans for the future of the site.

Thanks again, and please take some time as we are to actually have a few days off, and maybe, just maybe, not even check email/IM/text, etc.

Oh, and per our usual holiday tradition, here's a digital yule log until we return:



Macgirl's Holiday Media Picks

It's here!  Christmas week is upon us.  Between the shopping and visiting and running errands and getting last-minute work projects done, try to take some time to enjoy the holiday classics. 

Links are to iTunes or independent sources if available.



John Lennon, Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Burl Ives, The Very Best of Burl Ives

Bing Crosby, White Christmas







Great Performances:Dance in America: San Francisco Ballet's `Nutcracker' (linked to your local PBS station to check for air times)

White Christmas (playing at the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia)






Miracle on 34th Street (1947)


The Nightmare Before Christmas







 Prep and Landing (on ABC Family, check local listings)

A Charlie Brown Christmas (on ABC, stream it on their site anytime) 






Happy Holidays Everyone!



Holiday Bells brings jingle to your iPhone or iPod Touch

As we continue our look at holiday apps of the season, today we remember that December is the one month a year when people remember/hear that oft-forgotten musical instrument: the handbell.

At first glance, Holiday Bells appears to do nothing more than present handbells (or sleigh bells) on screen. Tap the handbell, or shake the sleigh bells, and lovely jingles emanate from your iDevice. This app isn't all novelty though, as you can also choose a song, then follow the snowflake to tap your way to handbell proficiency. If you love bells, then it's 99 cents worth spending.

Here's a look:


Holiday Bells in the App Store.



2010: The New Awesome

Happy New Year, everyone! We've been cooking some goodies here in our media stew, and we're excited about some upcoming shows/events we have planned for the new year. 
For today though, it's football and leftover sauerkraut. 


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

Yes, Thanksgiving (at least the one that occurs on the fourth Thursday in November) is an American holiday, we want to say Happy Thanksgiving to the rest of the world as well. Not to get all "We Are The World" on you, but maybe we should have a global day of Thanksgiving, so that we can all collectively celebrate together as humans.

But what do we know, we just review plastic gadgets.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!