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Hoggy for the iPhone and iPod Touch Video Review

Take one part Super Mario Bros., one part Kirby, and just a dash of Pac-Man, and you'll get Hoggy, an iPhone app that combines familiar elements from many console classics. In Hoggy, you control a Kirby-like character (named Hoggy) in a 2-D side-scrolling game. The levels/artwork look similar to Super Mario Bros., especially in the opening screens. Many levels take place below ground, as you enter different jars. Again, a familiar concept from the Mario franchise.

What is unique to Hoggy is the control scheme. Hoggy moves by jumping and sticking to the roofs of the different levels, then a tap drops Hoggy into place. Leaning the iPhone/iPod moves Hoggy left or right. The whole thing plays as a fun mashup of many games you've seen before, but the controls might make them better for the iPhone than the original.

There's a lite version with several included levels that will give you a great (and free) feel for the game.

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Here's a look:



DoubleTap Episode Six

The two games in this week's episode of DoubleTap span the extremes of iPhone / iPod Touch gaming. On one end, it's the silly novelty stylings of Santa Vs. Zombies, and at the other end is Hoggy, a decent platform game that borrows heavily from 8 and 16-bit classics. So whether you feel like getting in the holiday spirit mowing down zombie reindeer, or looking for the challenge of games gone-by, we've got both:


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