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Fantasy Warrior Legends for the iPhone and iPod Touch Video Review

Fantasy Warrior Legends is Digital Chocolate's latest entry into the role-playing game (RPG) competition on the iPhone. Fantasy Warrior has all the elements you would expect of this type of game: a somewhat odd backstory, special weapons, and of course gems to collect. The game is free, but if you choose to buy the gems, keep an eye on the e-wallet as it can get expensive quite quickly.

While all the usual elements are there, unfortunately there are a few bugs as well: It often takes multiple encounters with gems before your character can pick them up. Additionally, some players have complained of graphics anomalies, stuck characters etc., we didn't encounter any of those issues. Overall it's a standard RPG game that's a little rough around the edges. Maybe a re-visit after a few software updates is in order.

(iTunes link)

Here's a look:


ParkingLot for the iPhone and iPod Touch Video Review

I don't have a lot of phobias, but parking might just be one of them. City parking makes me irritated and cranky. So reviewing an app called ParkingLot didn't sound like it would be a very good time. To my surprise, unlike real parking, ParkingLot offers a simple, straight-forward gaming experience that's fun and addictive.

If you like problem solving puzzles; the sort of little puzzles that drive you bonkers, but in a good way, then you'll like this one. With ParkingLot, you attempt to get one car out of the lot by moving other cars out of the way, but the amount of space, and the order in which you move the cars make it a real challenge. In the top left of the screen, you'll see a move counter. The real object of the game is to get the car out of the parking lot with as few moves as possible, For me, and probably for most, I was far more concerned with just getting the car out. Here's a look at ParkingLot:


Space Path for the iPhone and iPod Touch Review

Let's start the week off easy with a look at a freebie for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Space Path. The idea behind Space Path is simple: navigate your spaceship from one end to the other while avoiding obstacles, and keeping your ship within the safe zone. The gameplay is frustrating, but in the fun kind of way, that makes you want to try again as soon as the game is over. 

Unfortunately in reviewing the game, we experienced graphics issues and screen flashing that required game restarts. Here's a look:


Premium Game Section a Good Idea, But What Price?

Word on the street is, Apple is considering a $19.99 premium section for iPhone applications. The idea of a special section for games and apps missed by the crush of $.99 apps is a good idea. Is $19.99 the right price point? Should any price point be applied at all? Let's say you created highly specialized software for the medical industry. If it currently retails for more than $19.99, would you feel pressured to lower the price to fit this catgeory? Or if this is only for iPhone games, wouldn't your app be just as lost as it is now? And speaking of games, couldn't this lead to titles that would have been $9.99 simply increasing the price to get the premium moniker?

I'm not against a premium section, but tying it to a specific price point could be tricky. Also, it's key that there are some requirements for these apps. Might I suggest:

Playable Demo. If you want someone to spring for, in some cases, 20 times what they would pay for other apps, you should be confident enough to show it first.

Fix The Review System.  Look we're as big of fans of everyone having their say as anyone, but the "this app is too expensive, click yes if you agree" reviews have got to go. How about third party, or industry reviews of premium games. I happen to know a website that's done hundreds of app reviews, and would be willing to help out...

In-game Video These are premium, right? So how about more information before I buy the game. If we can get video previews of iPod Clickwheel gameplay, we certainly should get the same thing for premium iPhone titles.

Apple's a smart company, and I'm sure they can find a way to differentiate premium apps. As it is, it's as if all the games are in the same bargain bin at the toy store.




Hydro Tilt for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

I was always a big fan of Marble Madness in the arcade, and at first I thought Hydro Tilt was sort of a Marble Madness clone. I was wrong. It is far more focused on the puzzle aspect of getting your water drop (that can also turn to steam and ice, as needed) from point a to point b.

Essentially, you need to change form at the right time to cross certain bridges/shoots, etc, turn into the frozen cube, and get that cube back to a specific place on the game board. At first I was annoyed by the on-screen directions, but those are there in the first rounds to let you know what's going on. ( A great reason for directions, I suppose...)