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Macgirl's Media Pick of the Week: Farscape Flashback

I'm going way back for this favorite TV show, to the turn of the century...the year 2000.  Just moved into a new apartment, this one with cable included!  Sc-fi junky that I was, the commercials for the new show Farscape had me hooked. I was thrilled to have the Sci-Fi Channel, and watching Farscape was a can't miss event each week.

Airing in the US on the Sci-Fi Channel (now sy-fy...sigh), this creative space-journey TV series was conceived by Rockne S. O'Bannon.   Produced by Jim Henson Productions and Hallmark, the show featured Henson Muppets as key characters.  The main plot point revolves around a US astronaut from our time (John Crichton) who gets sucked through a wormhole near Earth and is ejected into the middle of an epic space battle.  He clips a passing ship as he arrives, leading to a death and a brother's revenge plot.  After being rescued by a rouge group of escapees flying in a living space craft (Moya), each show is formed around a mini-arch for the episode, and follows the overall arch of Crichton being pursued by multiple baddies, and his trying to get back to the wormhole.  It may sound a bit hokey, but the set design, acting and writing are compelling and just plain entertaining.

All 4 seasons and the concluding mini-series are available on netflix, or through iTunes (links below).

Farscape, Season 1 - Farscape

Farscape, Season 2 - Farscape

Farscape, Season 3 - Farscape

Farscape, Season 4 - Farscape

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars