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DoubleTap Episode 14

This week, we bring you two games (as always!), Space Invaders Infinity Gene: a re-working of the arcade classic Space Invaders, and Hotel Mogul, which is now my favorite game in terms of time played. Here's a look:



DoubleTap Episode 13

This time of the year is a bit of a sports drought: The Olympics have wrapped up, baseball is still weeks away, and for the football fan, there are months until training camp starts. But that doesn't mean you can't get your football (or at least field goal) fix on the iPhone. Our first app this week is Flick Kick Field Goal, then we take a look at Diner of the Dead.



DoubleTap Episode 12

Yikes, if Apple keeps up this pace of removing apps, we'll be out of apps to talk about each week! Ok, not very likely... This week we look at Auditorium, and Knife Toss (previously reviewed here) and of course discuss Apple's decision to remove thousands of apps. Let us know if there are any you're going to miss:



DoubleTap Episode 11

This week we look at two fun games that require a bit of line drawing on your part, in vastly different games. First, its a look at 33rd Division, then a discussion of OpenFeint and the role it can play in discovering new apps. And finally, Lines of Mania takes connect-the-dots to the next, strategic level.

Here's a look:


DoubleTap Episode 10

We're turning back the clock this week with a look at iPity, a Mr. T quote generator, and Wind OS, which "emulates" the good old days of Windows on your iPhone. Admittedly, the Wind desktop looks like Vista rather than 3.1, but the sound is pure 1980's computing.

And of course we've got a little bit of app store news in there as well: