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Retro Tech Tuesday: The VIC-20.. And Shatner!

What was "the wonder computer of the 80's"? Well, according to none other than William Shatner, it's the Commodore VIC-20. Long before he became spokesman for Priceline, Shatner happily endorsed the VIC-20 in this commercial dripping with 80's retro goodness:


Retro Tech Tuesday: What's In a Number?

"Because it's a 64, it's very powerful."


Retro Tech Tuesday: Commodore 64 for the Baby!!!

Sure, the Commodore 64 was once the, dare I say it, Mac of its time. But just who should get a Commodore 64? That was the question in this ad. If they'd only stayed around a little longer, maybe they would've added a wireless keyboard for fetuses:


Retro Tech Tuesday: Commodore 64 Commercial

There was a time when computers weren't just about email and the internet. Heck, those things didn't even exist. In the shaky early days of personal computers, it could be hard to sum up just what a computer did in a 30-second commercial. Commodore was up to the task. Watch as they deftly show how computers lead to more fun at the water park, and allow you and your friends to use cryptic hand gestures:


Quick tour of The Computer History Museum

Adam, Ryan and Macgirl had a chance to tour one of the coolest tech/nerd locations in the world: The Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. Here's a quick look at the wonders inside: