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TDL Profile: Caprica's Alessandra Torresani

You've probably seen her on posters on seemingly every corner, and in every magazine. Heck, she's been on an ad on this site for the last few weeks. Right now, you may only know her as the girl holding the apple in those Caprica ads, but as the show officially kicks off on Syfy this Friday, Alessandra Torresani is about to join the ranks of famous sci-fi actresses. Torresani plays Zoe Graystone, the daughter of a wealthy inventor who tries to bring his daughter back after tragedy.

The series is set 58 years before the events in BSG, and as Alessandra explains it, is more about a family drama than epic space battle scenes. 

The Caprica pilot can be seen now on, or you can purchase an extended, more mature version on iTunes, as well as a season pass. Alessandra has her own site and twitter feed as well.

Alessandra talked to us about playing Zoe, and the role technology plays in her personal life: