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Clever New Mac and PC Web Ad

Sorry there's no sound. This is the new ad from Apple with "Mac and PC." Clever, because (spoiler) it uses fake ads for other companies. The humor comes from PC's 1 to 23 steps disguised as being as easy as 1-2-3. Check it out over at, or watch below:



Microsoft Lets You Know If You're Getting a Good Deal on a Wool Beret

Ok, last post about the new Microsoft ad campaign. At least for today. Say what you will about the accuracy of the machines compared, the "Apple tax" the value of a computer of its lifetime, etc. There's one invaluable service that Microsoft is providing that both Apple and Microsoft users can agree upon: the street value of random objects.

As part of their banner ads comparing Macs and PCs, the PC is generally listed along with two other kinda random/supposed to be funny items, like babysitting, or a wool beret. And in an effort to be as accurate as possible, the corresponding Microsoft legal page lists the estimated value of these items. So the next time you wonder whether you 're overpaying the babysitter, let Microsoft help:



Apple's Nuclear Option Against Microsoft

On Friday, we covered Microsoft's new commercial strategy, and corresponding banner ads. A quick recap is that the spots aim to show the Mac as more expensive than comparable PCs. Of course there's no cost of ownership or duration of the machine considered. These are simple ads aimed at placing doubt in the minds of those about to buy Macs, and frankly, for a lot of people they may prove convincing.

So what is Apple to do? Well, it would be wise to wait a bit, and see if these ads have any appreciable effects. Of course waiting too long, if they are effective could spell doom. What would be the strongest course of action if the ads work? There's a difference between Microsoft and Apple, and it's significant: Microsoft doesn't make computers. Why does that matter? Imagine if you woke up tomorrow to $799 MacBooks, or MacBook Pros starting at $1299. All Apple has to do in a worst-case scenario is lower prices and weather the storm. They have plenty of money in the bank to do so. The same can't be said of all the PC manufacturers. And those manufacturers would probably not be thrilled with Microsoft if they needed to lower prices to compete. I don't think the Lenovos and Compaqs of the world have the same kind of cash sitting around as Apple, and in a slow growth period in the industry, a price war could be devastating to some PC manufacturers.

So while it's unlikely to happen, and unlikely to need to happen, Apple has the ability to wipe out any gains from these ads in short order.


Microsoft Ad Offensive Hits Banner Ads Too

It's a little hard to see, but following up on our earlier post, this is a screen grab of a banner from minutes ago. In short, the left side shows how "little" you get with a Mac, while the right side shows all the extra things you can buy by saving money with a PC.

The ad works like a slot machine, with different Windows PCs on the right, and of course, they're always the better value, er, the cheapest. But it's the same thing, right? Right.



Everyone Hates Their Mac / PC

There's been a lot of talk about the new Microsoft ad which challenges a shopper to purchase a notebook for under $1000, obviously attacking Apple in the one area where PC's (may) hold an advantage over Macs.

While this topic continues to be debated, we think the most interesting factoid in this AppleInsider story was the survey suggesting the majority of computer users, both PC and Mac aren't very satisfied with their operating system. Sure OSX user satisfaction far outweighed Windows satisfaction, but at 50 percent, this number seems low to us.

What exactly do users want out of their OS? Is the modern day OS still too complicated for most people?

Very strange.