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Apple and AT&T Could Turn Netbook Craze On Its Head

AT&T, according to CNN Money has been in discussions with notebook manufacturers about bundling 3G service with laptops. Now, who do you think AT&T would prefer to work with? Who do you think might be paying attention to offering a Netbook (or a Netbook-priced solution) that's head and shoulders above the rest?

Consider it for just a moment. We've commented here before on the fact many of these netbooks are really spiffy. Apple's previous statements have indicated the machines are far too underpowered for most consumers. Fair enough. Now imagine a full-fledged Apple netbook, offered for say, $700, but it's just $499 with an AT&T contract. I know, especially for those of us with an iPhone, we wouldn't want another monthly fee... But if the device truly was far beyond other netbooks, much like the original iPhone vs. mobile phones at the time, Maybe, just maybe, Apple would have a hit on its hands, and silence critics (us) of its lack of netbook presence.


The ultimate blogging notebook

Gasp . . . it's not a Mac. The Acer 8.9" notebook being sold exclusively at RadioShack might be the ultimate blogging notebook and at $99 who can argue?! You get a laundry list of features including Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G access, built in webcam, 160GB HD, and a multi card reader for the photos. For the mobile blogger there really isn't much more you could want. With the cell connectivity you can blog from grandma's house, or from the park, or . . . well you get the idea. So what's the catch?!? The $99 price tag is really $1,539 before tax [GASP!!!]. See when you get the Acer at $99 you are also signing up for a 2 year AirCard contract with AT&T. 2.5hrs of power really isn't all that much, and the RadioShack website seems to neglect the conditions needed to yield 2.5hrs . . . chances are good it's not with the 3G turned on.

If you're in the market for a subnotebook and don't need the 3G access, I say save the $300 and get a new Macbook instead.

Checkout Ryan's post from November. He also had a runin with an Acer.


Checkword for iPhone Review

If you're not a Scrabble player, you can ignore this post. But if you are, then Checkword could greatly streamline your search to the age-old debate, can I use this word?


Will iPhone unlocking continue?

With the official App store launch presumably little more than two weeks away at most, many iPhone owners are content to wait for the Apple-sanctioned App store to start adding new software functionality to their devices. From day one though, there's been an unclear number of people who have chosen to "jailbreak" their phones, allowing them to try a variety of programs and features, some of which won't be available to the masses even with Apple's software store.

However, with what's expected to be a wide range of software, much of it free, available in the App store, will there still be a reason beyond just for fun tech exploration, to jailbreak the iPhone? It's one thing to go through the steps and risk "bricking" the phone to use a wide array of programs, but if most of those same programs are available through the App store without fear of damaging the phone, can the jailbreak scene survive/thrive after the App store?

Let us know what you think.


New product launches from the genius' perspective

Soon, Apple stores around the world will be swamped by people looking to buy the new iPhone. What kind of preparation goes into that kind of launch by the people who have to troubleshoot the devices as they're potentially seeing them in person for the first time? Find out in this segment of Root Access: