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Retro Tech Tuesday: The Magnavox Videowriter

I don't know why- perhaps because I never owned one myself- I've always had a bit of a fascination with the short-lived age of the electronic word processor. I'm referring to the electronic typewriters with some sort of video screen. I think there was something about the phosphorescent screens that always tickled my fancy. Of course maybe if I ever had to actually use one of the things, the love affair would come crashing down. So I will continue to admire from afar, and through commercials like this one for the Magnavox Videowriter:


Retro Tech Tuesday: What's In a Number?

"Because it's a 64, it's very powerful."


Retro Tech Tuesday: Steve Ballmer Always Delivers!

Oh Steve Ballmer... has anyone brought so many laughs, intentional or otherwise, to the world of technology? We don't know the backstory on what you're about to see, but we will cut Ballmer a little bit of a break, and assume it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek. With this guy though, you never know. Here's Ballmer giving you the hard sell (used car salesman style) on Windows 1.0


Happy iPhone 4S Day, everyone!

While not quite a national holiday, you may notice a few extra empty seats at work, or a few late arrivals... (that's the case around here) as iPhone 4S day is upon us. I vowed after the iPhone 3GS to be strictly an online pre-order kind of guy, but still, there's something oddly compelling about the way Apple fans come together for product launches.  

So good luck out there, and send us your stories/photos if you're in line!



Retro Tech Tuesday: Blue Cheer

This week's retro tech is more retro chemistry than technology, although I suppose it took some wild technology to make the "magic blue crystals" in this ad. Meet Blue Cheer, a laundry detergent from the 50's. "So what, it's Cheer, what 's the big deal?" No, no my friend this is Blue Cheer: use it on your laundry, AND your dishes: