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A Very Special Announcement

I’m proud to tell you that will be presenting the world’s first live broadcast of a full Segway polo match, featuring Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. This will be our first live production. Why Segway polo? Well, beyond Steve’s connection to Apple, I honestly think, (and I might be the only one here who thinks this...) that Segway polo will become a legitimate sport, with a national (or international) league in the next ten years. It’s the perfect blend of technology and sport. And it’s just plain fun. So I hope you’ll check it out!


Special Show: Tope Five

Hello again. In addition to adding new episodes of our existing shows, and adding new product reviews, and the debut of “Two Minutes,” we’re working on a special countdown of the top five Apple products of all time, and we need your help.

Please visit our forum, and give us your thoughts on the top five Apple products of all time!


Show of Hands: Who wants more shows?

I just wrapped up shooting a product review of the Nike Plus iPod Nano accessory. That’s not the half of what we’ll be shooting this weekend, though. We’ll be doing new Root Access show, new Gary’s Garage, and the debut of a new show. Plus more content from our other podcasting friends will be added. Look for all of it to start hitting on Monday. 


The First 24 Hours... Part Two

After the first entry, we had the distinct pleasure of getting “dugg.” For the uninitiated, is visitor driven news aggregator. Sorry if that’s not quite the right web 2.0 terminology, but the concept is, someone submits a story, other people choose to “digg it” which moves that story up to the front page when enough people have “dugg” it.

We made it all the way to the top slot. Which meant a LOT of simultaneous visitors, and a lot of comments about the site on digg. We made it through with me only being called a tool once, and only three pleas for someone to hack the site. By digg standards, I think we held up fairly well.

One of the fun things about watching the channel for me, is watching the realtime feedback in the number of people watching at any given moment. We’ve already learned one thing: in this format, anything over about eight minutes, and people start to bail. So we’re going to try something new: we’re going to keep all of our original shows to seven minutes or less, and when we have to go longer, we’ll split up the show with additional content. So you might see six minutes of root access, a few Apple YouTube clips, then back for more root access. This format will also be more easily digested by those just stopping by and browsing. I look forward to hearing from you on this.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back in my toolbox...


The First 24 Hours... Part One

Phew! It’s been quite a whirlwind getting the network up and running. With 24 hours under our belts now, I wanted to answer some of the feedback from viewers so far...

Many of you have asked why our channel cannot be viewed on the iPhone. Well, we couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, the technology that makes our stream possible is flash-based. Our friends at Mogulus, have done a tremendous job, creating software and options that are simply not possible in any other format, including QuickTime. The easiest way for this to get fixed is a flash plug-in for the iPhone. While we’ve heard rumblings that such a thing might be on the way, for now, you’ll need to use a flash-capable device to see the live streaming network. That said, we want to look into making our own shows available in a QT format (on the Shows page) that will allow for iPhone playback. It won’t be the same as watching the network, but it’s a start...

We are really excited about the content on the channel, but like a lot of you, we want more! We’ll be looking for more new content, as well as shooting more original content almost daily. And if you see any YouTube content we should see, send an email: