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Is the end of the iPod Shuffle near?

Today Apple announced new pricing/capacity on the iPod Shuffle, with the price of the current 1GB model falling to $49, and the announcement of a forthcoming 2GB model for $69.

The question becomes though, how low will Apple go? I've got to think $49 is the bottom-most price point for a player branded as an iPod. so as memory prices continue to fall, will the shuffle disappear? The prospect of a 4Gb or 8GB shuffle leads to questions: How many songs do you want on a device without any screen? With the both the price to capacity ratio, and size of the Nano shrinking, Wouldn't soon make sense to simply offer a 2GB Nano as the bottom of the iPod lineup? What do you think?


Switchover Successful

This is just more or less another test entry to make sure everything is fine, post iWeb. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's an easy way to move our previous posts over here, but if anyone knows a way to do it, please let us know!


Blog Changes Coming Soon

(NOTE: All posts prior to, and including this one, were on our original iWeb blog)

If you’ve been following the site since day one, you know that we used iWeb for our initial web design. What a novel idea we thought; use Apple’s own webpage creation tool to create a highly-trafficked, user-focused website. Well, now that our brief bit of naivete as worn off, and our jaded selves have returned. It’s painfully apparent that iWeb simply won’t do what we need. It may offer great features for people hosting/creating websites with .mac, but otherwise, it can be quite a bear.

So slowly over the next 6-8 weeks, we will be transitioning out of iWeb. The first part of the transition will be to move the blog over to an industry-standard account, most likely Blogger. Once that’s done, we’ll let you know here.


First post. New system...

This is more or less a test entry as we start to move to blogger, away from the built-in blogging tools in iWeb.


A Million Thanks for A Million Minutes

What a day yesterday! It was, of course, the Super Bowl of the Apple universe: the Macworld Expo keynote.  The viewership for our live coverage yesterday far exceeded our expectations. So first, thanks to everyone for tuning in. The keynote address seems to create more and more of a media circus each year, and we’re proud to be here all year around with the best Apple/tech-related video content available, not just on keynote days.

But getting back to the viewership yesterday (and the title of this email.) thanks to you we passed the one million viewer minutes mark yesterday. Viewers have watched over one million minutes of tDL programming in less than two months.

So thank you, and we look forward to the next million minutes, and beyond! Look for more new shows, and more live programming as we go forward, including more live Macworld Expo coverage today at 2:30 PM/ET. We hope you’ll join us!