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The New Slate Is Released. Oh Wait, You Meant The Other Slate

photo: engadget.comNo need to wait until January 26/27th to get a glimpse at slate computing. The Slate is here. Of course, there's a catch: it's the HP Slate. Well, if nothing else, they were able to copy the name. It's good to know the Apple lawyers won't be lacking for work next month.

This slate seems to be merely a buttonless PC, running Windows 7. It does make you think though: what will Apple do differently from this device? You can easily copy a name, it's not so easy to copy the tech. And to think there was a time when Apple partnered with HP for the HP iPod so it would be adopted by the business masses. Well guess what: the masses adopted the iPod, and hardly anyone bought the HP version.

We want to see true innovation and competition in this space, and from the early reports, it doesn't look like this is it. Send us one and prove us wrong, HP.

(And by the way, kudos to the folks at Engadget who are doing a fine job as always with CES coverage this year.)

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