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Another Quarter, Another Record

Apple's financial results for Q1 (Oct-Dec '09) of 2010 are in. And while there are plenty of number to crunch, just know this: Apple had $3.38 billion in profit on $15.68 billion revenue, which is well above Apple's own estimates and the estimates of analysts. Oh, and gross margin was up to 40.9%. And the other big headline: iPhone sales doubled compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

One thing that stuck out in the quarterly earnings call, was the not-so-hidden enthusiasm for "Apple's latest creation" on Wednesday. This is Apple after all, so there weren't any details of course, but there was just something in their voices... Like knowing what the kids are getting for Christmas, that gives us hope that whatever is announced Wednesday will be at least half as good as rumors would imply.

You can listen to the earnings call replay here, or get into the nitty gritty here.


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