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Interview with Star Trek Tribute Band Warp 11

We have Star Trek on the brain today, getting ready to kickoff Star Trek Saturday tomorrow. So it was only natural that we talk to two members of Warp11, the country's premier Star Trek tribute band. (Any other bands want to vie for the title? They will clean the floor with you!) Warp 11 mixes clever and uber-geeky references to the show (mostly The Original Series, and Next Generation) along with sex and drugs. Make no mistake, this is a rock band, through and through, that happens to be made up of some of the biggest Star Trek fans.

They also happen to be playing at MacWorld this year, so what a perfect way to show the mindmeld of Apple fans and Star Trek fans. Here's Captain Karl Miller, and Chief Science Officer Kiki Stockhammer, from Warp 11:



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